Terms & Conditions




a) Charges – All the amounts listed in cause 3 (a) and (b)

b) Commencement – The date of Bin delivery

c) Completion – The earlier of the time the bin is collected as a result of the agreed date due for pickup or in response of the receipt of a telephone call advising of the bin pickup.

d) Customer – The party names of hirers.

e) Bin – The bins (and the accessories hired therewith) ordered for delivery.

f) Hire Fees – The amounts quoted upon booking of Bin.

g) Hire Period – The period of commencement until earlier of:-

i) The collection of the bin in accordance with the one week hire period

ii) The collection of the bin in response to a receipt of a telephone call advising of the bin pickup.

h) Date due for pickup – The date on which the bin will be picked up as a result of:-

i) The one week hire period ending

ii) The agreed date resultant from the receipt of a telephone call amending the Date Due for Pickup in accordance with the hire period. The bin delivery address as specified by the customer


Skip Bins 4 U will:

a) Upon the receipt of a booking, deliver a Bin to the Site as specified by the Customer.

b) Provide a Bin to the Customer for the Hire Period for the purpose of depositing waste products into, with the following exceptions:

i) Food/petrusebale/animal waste.

ii) Fibro/asbestos products, except for where a bin has been specifically provided for that purpose.

iii) Any paints, oils, fuels, liquids or chemicals

c) Charge additional fees for Bins on hire in excess of the Hire Period

d) Collect the Bin in accordance with the Hire Period as specified upon booking of skip, without notice to the customer.

e) Collect the bin within the specified Hire Period in accordance with Customer’s Instructions.


The Customer will:

a) On or before commencement (or as provided in the customer’s credit application with Skip Bins 4 U), pay to Skipbins4u all of the following charges:

i) The Hire Fees.

ii)Any fee associated with placing a Bin on public land.

b) Forthwith upon request pay to Skipbins4u all of the following charges:

i) The replacement costs (as per its new price at commencement) of any Bins which have been unlawfully removed from the Site.

ii) All fines, fees, penalties, levies, charges and taxes payable by Skipbins4u in respect of this agreement and hiring.

iii) Any additional Hire Fees resulting from Customer exceeding the Hire Period

iv) Any additional Hire Fees resulting from Customer exceeding the top rim of the Bin.

v) All costs of repairing any damaged cause to the bin whilst being on hire on Site to the Customer

vi) All costs associated with the recovery of a Bin which has been moved from its original point of delivery.

vii) Comply with Occupational Health and Safety laws relating to use and loading of bins.


The Customer will not:

a) Tamper with, damage or repair the Bin.

b) Lose or part with possession of the Bin.

c) Move the Bin from the original point of delivery

d) Deposit any of the following in the Bin:

i) Fibro / asbestos (except for where the bin has been provided for that purpose).

ii) Food/wet waste/ animal waste, oils, paints, liquids, fuels or chemicals.

iii) Fill the Bin exceeding the rim.



a) Cancellations must be made with 48 hours notice.

b) No refund available for less than 48 hours notice of cancellation.


Note: Our responsibility ceases at the curb. Council approval with regard to bin placement is the responsibility of the customer. No fibro, asbestos, food waste, liquids, paint, car tyres, Gas Cylinders, tree stumps, mattresses or tyres to be placed in bin. The bin is to be filled to the rim only.


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